The Aqualisers

aqualiser_installDolphin Aqualiser small boat stabilizers were designed in New Zealand by Ross Fuller – a small boat owner who had become frustrated with the amount of instability he experienced in his small aluminium pleasurecraft. Looking at all possible solutions, Ross came up with the patented idea of increasing the boats beam by developing a stabiliser that could also be retracted when not in use. The majority of New Zealander’s being ‘do it yourself’ types meant that the design also had to be suitable for fitting by the home handyman – so an easy to install design was created. A number of prototypes and many design hours later the Dolphin Aqualiser was born.

Dolphin Aqualisers are a device designed expressly to eliminate the unstable motion associated with most aluminium vessels in the 10′ to 16′ range. This instability comes as most alloy boat owners know, when fishing with your wife and family or even your mates, you go to the wrong side of the boat or even stand up to pull in that bigger than usual one, and “oh darn it” almost over the side!!!

Manufactured from hard wearing rotational moulded polyethelene plastic, Dolphin Aqualisers are extremely UV resistant and tough – so perfect for the outdoor marine environment.

What are the advantages of the Dolphin Aqualiser?

  • Your vessel becomes a stable, safe platform making your boating experience safer and more comfortable.
  • Move around your boat without the fear of upsetting your vessel balance.
  • Reduce the ‘water slap’ noise often associated with aluminium vessels.
  • Designed to be fitted by the average home handyman.
  • Readily detachable and could in an emergency be used as an additional flotation device (Note: Aqualisers are not a substitute for life jackets).
  • Manufactured with care in New Zealand and are constructed entirely of non corrosive, UV resistant products.
  • Available in three colours, complete with fitting/operating instructions.
  • Backed with a one year limited warranty