Dolphin Aqualisers – Alloy Boat Stabilisers

Designed and made in New Zealand Dolphin Aqualisers are expressly designed to improve the stability of aluminium vessels in the 10 to 16 foot range. Aluminium boats are have many advantages, however their instability can negatively affect your boating experience whether it be fishing, hunting, working or simply out cruising with the family.

Dolphin Aqualisers can cure this problem

Dolphin Aqualisers achieve their stabilising effect by:

  • Their unique configuration – increasing the beam of your vessel when needed and retracting when not required
  • The volume of air contained within them
  • Their surface area and consequential water displacement properties
  • The ‘outrigger’ effect of their design



Dolphin Aqualisers – Tough as Nails

Manufactured from long lasting UV resistant polyethylene and injection moulded nylon, the Dolphin Aqualiser has been designed to last under even the toughest of conditions. Components that are not manufactured from plastic are made from high quality steels to resist the marine environment – the Dolphin Aqualiser is built tough to last.


Dolphin Aqualisers – Easy to Install

With only basic tools needed to install Aqualisers and a full set of instructions included means this is also a great ‘do it yourself’ project.

Don’t let “rock and roll” spoil your day out boating – get your Aqualisers today!

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What our clients are sayingMore Testimonials »
“As you will imagine the conditions were not the best but this was a test of the Dolphin Aqualisers. we lowered the Aqualisers and started fishing. We immediately notice the sideways rock and roll action had ceased by at least 80%. You could walk about the boat with comparative comfort remembering we had 1 metre waves swelling about us raising and lowering the bow of the boat”